2023 Board of directors application

Qualifications and Eligibility - To be eligible for nomination for election as a Board of Director, a candidate must meet the following criteria: 

A. All civilian candidates must have a present association with, and have a letter of support from a member in good standing.  Up to three (3) At Large positions can be exempt from this requirement. 

B. All law enforcement/coordinator candidates must have a present association with a member in good standing, and have a letter of support from the supervisor of their law enforcement agency. 

C. Candidates must have attended at least two training conferences within the immediate past four years at a State, Regional, National or International conference, one of which must be a National or International level, and must submit in writing the date, location, and name of the sponsor of these conferences. 

D. All candidates shall sign a consent form, which will allow them to undergo a criminal and general background investigation and submit a resume including, but not limited to, all past employment and educational history that may be verified. 

E. No candidate may run nor hold more than one position on the Crime Stoppers USA Board of Directors.  

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