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How do I report a crime?

Your local Crime Stoppers program will forward information you have concerning unsolved felony crimes and fugitives wanted for felony charges to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Before calling a local program listed below, please be prepared to give as much detail about the crime or fugitive including but not limited to the following:

  • What type of crime was committed or what the fugitive is wanted for.
  • When the crime occurred or when the fugitive will be at a specific location.
  • Where the crime occurred, where items from the crime can be found, or where the fugitive can be located at a specific time.
  • Who is involved: name, nickname, age, date of birth, address, height, weight, tattoos, clothing, vehicle description, and people they associate or live with.

Any other details you think will help law enforcement solve the case or capture the fugitive.

Also have a pen and paper ready to write down your “secret number”. Most Crime Stoppers programs will provide you with this secret number and that will become your identity and your means of staying anonymous.  Never share your secret code number with anyone and never give your name or any information that could identify you to Crime Stoppers.