2022 CSUSA Awards




Crime Stoppers USA Awards Competition


Each year Crime Stoppers USA awards the ‘best of the best’ with awards for their hard work.  Time to get the recognition your program deserves by submitting your hard work in one of the Crime Stoppers USA award categories.  As has been the recent practice, we’ve put all the entries online to make your job easier than ever.

What do you need to do?  Just click the award category below to enter your program!

Your chances are better than ever!

We’ve continued the practice that if a local program won first-place in a category last year, we’ve asked them to kindly sit out this year and let a newcomer win in that category.  In other words, a local Crime Stoppers cannot win a category two years in a row. (Of course, they can win in other categories where they didn’t have a first-place win in 2020.)  Also, if you were recognized as an individual award winner of the Board Member of the Year or Coordinator of the Year in the last five years, please allow others to have a n opportunity to be recognized for their achievements.

The chance for your ‘out-of-the-box’ idea to win

There’s the category called “Community Initiative” for special efforts that might not fit into the traditional awards categories.  It’s your opportunity to win an award for a unique idea. Remember, the “Crime of the Week” has also been included in this category.

Entries due by October 3, 2022

Don’t delay entering your award submission.  Before you know it, the deadline will be here!