Board of Directors Guidelines

Guidelines as set out in the Crime Stoppers USA ByLaws:


Section 1. The affairs of the corporation shall be supervised and managed, and its corporate powers exercised, by a Board of Directors. The number of Directors shall be fixed at not less than seven (7) and not more than twenty-five (25) members, which shall be comprised of Regional Directors and Board Members, as the Board of Directors shall determine from time to time. The number of directorships (within the meaning of the Delaware Statutes) at any given time shall be equal to the number of directors actually in office at that time, and that number shall be deemed to have been fixed by resolution of the Board of Directors. The Board shall not have more than 49% of its members currently engaged in or employed by law enforcement.

Section 2. Qualifications and Eligibility – To be eligible for nomination for election as a Board of Director, a candidate must meet the following criteria:

A. All civilian candidates must have a present association with, and have a letter of support from a member in good standing. Up to three (3) At Large positions can be exempt from this requirement.

B. All law enforcement/coordinator candidates must have a present association with a member in good standing, and have a letter of support from the supervisor of their law enforcement agency.

C. All candidates shall sign a consent form, which will allow them to undergo a criminal and general background investigation and submit a resume including, but not limited to, all past employment and educational history that may be verified.

D. Candidates must have attended at least two training conferences within the immediate past four years at a State, Regional, National or International conference, one of which must be a National or International level, and must submit in writing the date, location, and name of the sponsor of these conferences.

E. No candidate may run nor hold more than one position on the Crime Stoppers USA Board of Directors.

Section 3. Nominations and Elections

A. Nominations

1. The Nominations Committee:

a. Shall nominate candidates for positions to the Board of Directors to be elected by the members in good standing at the Annual Meeting.

b. Shall have a Nominations Chair elected by the Board of Directors from within.

c. Shall have four additional members elected by the Board of Directors from members in good standing.

d. No two members of the committee, including the Chair, shall be selected from the same geographic region.

e. Terms of office of committee members shall be commensurate with that of the Nominations Chair of the Nominations Committee.

f. Members of the nominations committee may also become nominees for election.

2. Recommendations for Board of Directors nominees may be made by any member in good standing of Crime Stoppers USA, Inc. to the Nominations Committee, which shall accept the nomination as long as the nominee meets the qualifications and eligibility of the position.

B. Elections

1. All elected members of the Board of Directors shall serve for two years or until their successors are elected, except as provided

in Article VII, Section 2.

2. All elected Board of Directors will be sworn in and take office upon verification of the election results.

3. No member of the Board of Directors, without separation of one year, shall serve more than ten consecutive years on the Board.