2016 Conference Speakers

Kevin Anderson Scott Abrams Tanner Tixer Raymondo Del Bosque
Mike Blatman Frank Fisher Kevin Boehm Doug Hill
Jerold McGlothlin T.J. Wilham Paul Goldenberg Dr. Ronald Clark
Todd Van Cantfort Lori Massey Yolanda Cline Steve Dubois
James Fuda Kimberly Monsat Estela Quintanilla Judge Richard Carter (Ret)
David Wheeler Greg Rickman Lisa Haber Steve Belford
Tony DeNicola Scott Mills Paul Szych Karla Baldini
Paul Szych James Taliaferro


Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson has owned and operated Anderson Software, LLC for the past 30 years and has developed several industry leading software and web applications. As a three time Presidential Award winner for his excellent crime fighting applications, Kevin developed his first tip management application in 1998 which was used by virtually all Crime Stoppers programs in North America. Kevin owned and maintained the application until it was acquired in 2010. At the request of many previous clients, Kevin has now developed an all new and state-of-the-art tip management application, P3 Global Intel. P3 has quickly become the most advanced tip management application available anywhere and the rapidly growing list of crime stoppers programs are extremely satisfied with the new product. Anderson continues to offer DynaSites, a Content Management System for Crime Stoppers websites located at crimestoppersweb.com, which is currently utilized by over 200 Crime Stoppers programs. DynaSite users will be seeing an all new product released later this year that will incorporate all of the latest website technologies as well. Kevin is currently exploring new opportunities and strategic partnerships in the world of crime fighting and prevention with his new P3 Intel technology, including the campus space. P3 is currently utilized by over 4000 schools and that number is growing daily.

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Scott Abrams

Scott Abrams has been involved with Crime Stoppers programs for over 34 years.  He was instrumental in the formative years of the Greater Peoria Area Crime Stoppers serving in numerous officer capacities and being recognized as President Emeritus of the organization in 1997.    He has served on the boards of the Illinois Crime Stoppers Association and the Wisconsin State Crime Stoppers, Inc., which he currently serves as President.  Scott was one of the original incorporators for Crime Stoppers USA and is currently serving as its Immediate Past Chairperson and has also served as a board member of Crime Stoppers International, a board comprised of members from the nation/regions from around the world.  Abrams is a frequent speaker at Crime Stoppers training conferences at the local, state, national and international level regarding: board governance, effectiveness and practices; financial/tax compliance and administration; development and fund raising; strategic planning; formation of tax-exempt organizations and other related topics. He and Tammy reside in Racine, WI with their little dog, Schatzie.

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Steve Sebestyen

Joined APD as part of the 85th Cadet Class in January 2002. Graduated from UNM Anderson School of Management in 2005.  Was with APD until 2007, where I took a short hiatus and moved w/ my family to San Antonio TX.  I rejoined APD in 2012 and have been PIO since August of 2014.  We have really focused on our Social Media platforms and utilize those every single day. I’ve been married for 13 years to my wife Amy and we have 2 daughters, Tighlyn 8 and Cameron 4.  In my spare time I referee high school football and coach my daughters soccer team.

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Tanner Tixier

Joined APD as part of the 85th Cadet Class in January 2002. Graduated from UNM Anderson School of Management in 2005.  Was with APD until 2007, where I took a short hiatus and moved w/ my family to San Antonio TX.  I rejoined APD in 2012 and have been PIO since August of 2014.  We have really focused on our Social Media platforms and utilize those every single day. I’ve been married for 13 years to my wife Amy and we have 2 daughters, Tighlyn 8 and Cameron 4.  In my spare time I referee high school football and coach my daughters soccer team.

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Raymondo Del Bosque

Born and raised in Zapata, TX, a small farming and ranching community in southern Texas, Chief Ray Del Bosque, Jr., attended local schools which his parents once attended and his mother continues to teach second grade. In 1992 he was enrolled in Zapata High School where he was introduced to cultural diversity and gained much appreciation for other languages and cultures, graduating in 1996. He then pursued his higher education and obtained his “Basic Peace Officer Proficiency Certificate” from the South Texas Border Regional Academy in Laredo, TX in 1999. His continuous education and investigation career positioned him as a prospective employee of the 49th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, which in 2009 hired him as the Webb / Zapata County Criminal investigator. His ability to diligently execute his duties and his ability to maintain the integrity of any active case, made him a noticeable successful leader in Zapata County. In 2012 he returned to his hometown, Zapata, TX, determined to positively impact his community by carrying out and putting into practice all his latent qualities and abilities. Holding a Masters Peace Officer License, he currently serves as Chief Deputy of the Zapata County Sheriff’s Office, where he continues to develop strategies that lead to future success in his continuous fight against crime, drugs and narcotics. Chief Raymundo Del Bosque, Jr., is an architect of change. He assists the Sheriff as the office charts its way forward. His contribution to his community is the union of his experience as a Criminal and Narcotics Investigator, and his deep interest for maintaining the peace and safety of small border towns.

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Mike Blatman

Mike is an “Air Force Brat” born in Burtonwood Air Force Base in the United Kingdom and has lived in Washington State, Texas, California and Japan. After graduating from Misawa High School in Japan he attended Eastern Washington University and graduated with a degree in Broadcasting. After suffering through a couple of years of poverty working in radio he was hired by Kennewick Police Department where he has worked for 38 years as the Crime Prevention Specialist. Mike is responsible for coordinating Crime Prevention programs for the Kennewick Police Department. Mike is also the Law Enforcement Coordinator for Tri Cities Crime Stoppers serving in that role since 1985 when the program was launched here locally. Mike has served on the national Board of Crime Stoppers USA and is the incoming Vice Chair for CSUSA. He served two terms as President of the Washington State Crime Prevention Association and is Vice President of Crime Stoppers Association of Washington and is a Certified Protection Professional through ASIS International. He is married and has 2 sons, 2 stepdaughter and 7 grandkids.

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Frank Fisher

Frank A. Fisher, a journalist with 20 years of experience, who has covered everything from crime to political scandals, has been appointed public affairs specialist for the FBI in Albuquerque, according to an FBI news release. Fisher previously lived in South Florida, where he spent more than four years as an assistant city editor at the Sun Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale. His responsibilities included leading a team of video-journalists who filed stories for print, online and television, according to the news release. Before that, Fisher worked for The Associated Press for 15 1/2 years. Fisher, a native of San Francisco, served four years in the Marine Corps and three in the Army. He graduated from California State University Long Beach with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, according to the news release.

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Kevin Boehm

A sworn law enforcement member of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department, Det. Boehm has 23+ years of experience in various units including community policing, property crimes, Chief’s Office, Regional Police Academy and the Media Unit. In 1992 he graduated from Park University with Criminal Justice and Psychology degrees and has returned to UMKC to complete his history degree. In December 2008 he was named Coordinator of the Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline and oversees a program covering two states, over nine counties, sixty plus law enforcement jurisdictions and an over two million person population base. In October 2012, Det. Boehm was nominated and elected to an At-Large Board of Directors position with Crime Stoppers USA. In the fall of 2013 Det. Boehm was awarded “Crime Stoppers Coordinator of the Year” at the CS USA National Conference. In December 2013, the Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission awarded him with the “President’s Award” given yearly to a staff member who exhibits superior performance and dedication. In January 2014, the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department and Board of Police Commissioners recognized Det. Boehm with a “Meritorious Service” award for “his dedication and commitment to the performance of his duties” as Crime Stoppers Coordinator.

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Doug Hill

I am a 35 year Apparel Manufacturing/Branding veteran who has created, sold and marketed branded merchandise to Retailers as diverse as Wal-Mart and Beverly Hills Boutiques. Over the years some of those brands included Brittannia Jeans, Union Bay Sportswear, and licensed apparel from Disney/Warner Bros. and Sony Studios. Understanding the tides of the marketplace and how to navigate them with the right products at the right time is the branding challenge I enjoy the most. Determining the “right” Disney Product for a Wal-Mart Customer and the “proper” Disney Product for a high end boutique, factoring in the emotional attachment the consumer has to the brand/store, and then sourcing the appropriate item for those disparate retail locations has been at the center of my career.

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Jerold McGlothlin

Jerold has over 30 years of experience in business and management. 18 of these years were as the Vice President of a major electronic company within the US and Canada. During that period he was in charge of all aspects regarding sales & marketing, as well as security & loss prevention. In 2004, Jerold expanded his time into consulting and training business management, focusing heavily on loss prevention and security. 25/7 Protection has become one of the nation’s largest retail and training facilities in the security and loss prevention industry. Jerold’s main goal was to learn from law enforcement and the legal system on how to best create unique solutions and then develop security systems for homes, small companies, and also for some larger retailers such as Costco, Starbucks, and Target. In 2011, Jerold was asked to join the Board of Directors for CrimeStoppers of Puget Sound in order to help broaden the connection within the law enforcement community, media, and businesses of all sizes, but most important with the public. In 2015, Jerold was chosen to become the President for CrimeStoppers of Puget Sound, with the main goal of continuing to help teach the CrimeStoppers philosophy to businesses and the public of the importance of their partnership role with the law enforcement community and the media to help stop, catch, and/or avoid any criminal activity within their environment.

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T.J. Wilham

In June 2011, T.J. Wilham was named the Albuquerque Police Department’s Smart Policing Division Manager and was assigned the task to move APD into an intelligence-led policing model and build the Department’s Real Time Crime Center (RTCC). The RTCC opened its doors in February 2013 and currently provides information to officers before they go on their first call for service and while they respond to calls for service. T.J., who was named the center’s director shortly after it opened, currently oversees APD’s Crime Analysis Unit, Crime Stoppers, the Video Intelligence Network and Live Intel Operations. In 2014, The Real Time Crime Center was named “Project of the Year” by the International Association of Law Enforcement Planners. Prior to coming to APD, T.J. was the city’s Public Safety Communications Director. As the city’s public safety spokesman, T.J. oversaw communications for the police and fire departments, The Safe City Strike Force and the Office of Emergency Management. He was also the Mayor’s public safety advisor and the city’s Joint Information Chief. Prior to joining the city, T.J. was a Crime Reporter for 15 years and wrote a weekly Crime Stoppers column for The Star Press in Muncie, Indiana. T.J. is a graduate of the FBI and Muncie Police Citizen’s academies, the Federal Emergency Management Terrorism training course and has been trained by the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association on legal issues and the media. T.J. lives on the Albuquerque’s West Side and has two daughters Riley, 10, Regan 8, and 3-year-old son, Ryan.

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Paul Goldenberg

Paul Goldenberg is the President and CEO of Cardinal Point Strategies, a strategic advisory and public policy consulting firm. As President and CEO of CPS, Mr. Goldenberg is a trusted advisor with a long history of helping resolve high profile and confidential matters for governments, private sector, academia, and NGOs around the world. In 2014 Secretary Janet Napolitano appointed Mr. Goldenberg as a sworn member of the United States Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council. In 2015, Secretary Jeh Johnson appointed Mr. Goldenberg as Co-Chair of the National Foreign Fighter Task Force, authorized to recommend strategies, policies, and to examine current border, immigration and transportation issues relate to violent extremists and foreign fighters. He also currently serves as a strategist for the Secretary’s CVE Working
Group. Since 2004, Mr. Goldenberg has led the nation’s first faith-based information sharing analysis center recognized by DHS as the national model. Mr Goldenberg is currently working abroad as special advisor to the ongoing Rutgers University CVE initiative in Molenbeek, Belgium.

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Dr. Ronald Clark

Dr. Ronald J. Clark serves as Deputy Under Secretary for the National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD). As Deputy Under Secretary, he oversees the Office of Infrastructure Protection, the Office of Biometrics and Identity Management, the Federal Protective Service and the Office of Cyber and Infrastructure Analysis, and works with the Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications to ensure a holistic approach to critical infrastructure protection across physical and cyber risks activities. Before coming to DHS, Dr. Clark served for five years at the White House on the National Security Council Staff, focused on issues ranging from global counterterrorism strategy and operations to the strategic allocation of security and intelligence resources. Dr. Clark is also a retired Marine Corps infantry and force reconnaissance officer who led units in combat overseas and served as a Senior Advisor to the Multi-National Forces Iraq Commander and to the Commander of U.S. Central Command. Dr. Clark was an Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia. He also served as a White House Fellow concentrating on national contingency plans, participated in the NYC 9/11 Search and Rescue Operation, and supported the launch of a Hurricane Katrina Emergency Operations Center in New Orleans. Dr. Clark is the recipient of numerous awards including the Bronze Star Medal and the National Security Council Outstanding Service Award. Dr. Clark received a B.A. from the University of Rochester, and a M.Ed. and a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia.

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ronald j clark

Todd VanCantfort

Todd joined DHS not long after it was established and currently serves as the Senior Intelligence Officer and Federal Program manager for the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative (NSI) and the Criminal Intelligence Enterprise (CIE). Prior to this work, he served as the Director of Interagency Coordination for the DHS Coordinator of Counterterrorism, Deputy Director of the Current Intelligence Division of DHS I&A and the Director of the ITACG. Prior to being assigned to the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, he served as the Director of the Counterterrorism and Sensitive Programs office within the DHS Office of Operations Coordination and Planning, an element of the office of the Secretary of Homeland Security. In this role, he was responsible for ensuring the coordination and deconfliction of all aspects of the Department’s CT and National Security missions. Todd also previously served as a Senior Counterterrorism Policy Analyst in the DHS Policy Directorate and as a Senior Preparedness Officer dedicated to supporting the DHS State and local programs and grants for several Midwestern states and as the primary representative for all Tribal Nations in the Office of Domestic Preparedness. Todd holds a Master’s Degree in Counter-Terrorism, a Bachelor’s focused on Psychology and Business and an Associate’s Degree from the USAF in Law Enforcement.

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Lori Massey

Lori Ramsay Massey is the Coordinator for Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers, which covers six coastal counties. She started a campus program January 2015 and since then, has spoken to at least a couple thousand middle and high school students. She uses local and national crime stories, combined with music and plenty of YouTube videos to make the program interesting. The success of the program is dependent on input from teachers, students, school resource officers and other law enforcement.

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Yolanda Cline

Yolanda H. Cline is our Honorary Survivor’s speaker today. She is the Surviving Spouse of Albuquerque Police Officer Gerald E. “Jerry” Cline, EOW:  2/24/1983. Yolanda was there in Washington, DC, on May 14, 1984, where 110 Survivors from all over the United States & the Territory of Gaum voted, unanimously, to incorporate and found Concerns of Police Survivors,  or COPS. Yolanda served as the second National President of COPS, 1985 – 1986. Today Yolanda continues to serve COPS as the New Mexico COPS State Chapter President.

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Steve Dubois

Steve is a 29 year veteran of Indianapolis Police Department/Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.  As a certified Bomb Technician he was assigned for several years to the IPD Bomb Squad, and is a graduate of the FBI Hazardous Device School in Huntsville, Alabama, and  ATF’s and the FBI’s Post Blast schools. He has been assigned to two undercover units which dealt with long term undercover investigations with cases ranging from Murder for Hire to Fraud, Forgery and Narcotics, has worked in IPD’s Homicide unit both as a Homicide Detective and a Homicide Detective Sergeant, worked in several of the Indianapolis  high crime areas assigned to Late Tactical Shifts, and has over 10 years experience as a street level supervisor working IPD/IMPD’s Late Tactical shift (7pm to 3am).
Steve’s assignment for the last 5 years has been Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana where he first served as Coordinator and now serves as the Director/Coordinator.  Steve is a married to Suzie and is the father of 5 children ranging in age of 26 to 7.  They reside in Zionsville a suburb of Indianapolis.  He is a graduate of Ball State University.

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James Fuda

Jim’s background includes a 33 year distinguished law enforcement career, with more than 15 years as a Special Operations Commander. In his tenure, his talents were utilized as a Hostage Negotiations Team Commander, Major Event Security Planner/Liaison, Dignitary Protection Coordinator, Marine Unit Commander, and Physical Security Specialist. In this time, he was also responsible for policy and procedural development for “Y2K”,   Critical Incident Response Operations, Marine Unit Operations, and Courthouse Security Operations. Operationally, Jim responded to more than 300 Hostage/Barricade situations from 1982 until 2006 and is responsible for saving numerous lives.
Jim is now the Director of Law Enforcement Services for Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound and has positive results in building trusting relationships between the public, the Police and the media in an effort to create a much community environment by sharing information, providing training and apprehending criminals. In addition, Jim has partnered as a consultant with USA Strategics, a company focused on facilitating partnerships in various forms of government. By working closely together at all levels, government can provide better services to the public in the most cost-effective manner.

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Kimberly Monsat

Kimberly Monast currently serves as a Research & Development Specialist for the Henry County, Georgia Police Department, in southeast Metro Atlanta. She writes and administers government, foundation and corporate public safety grants, and assists local, regional, and state agencies with grant applications and compliance. She has served on the law enforcement subcommittee for the All Hazards Council of the Georgia Emergency Management Agency for ten years, and researched and co-wrote six Homeland Security/GEMA LE Grants for Area 7 (Metro Atlanta). She also serves on the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council’s (CJCC) State Expert Committee for Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs). As a former non-profit managing director, she was responsible for fundraising, training, research, event management, and community liaison, for several small local agencies as well as the state chapter of a national society. As a lifelong writer, Kimberly still keeps a daily journal and hand writes thank you notes without being reminded.

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Estela Quintanilla

Estela began as a co-sponsor of Martin High School Crime Stoppers in the 1994, and became the Laredo I.S.D. Campus Crime Stoppers Coordinator in 1996.  She is a Texas Crime Stoppers Trainer/Technical Assistant, teaching basic Crime Stoppers training  at adult and campus state conferences and, and has taught for Crime Stoppers USA and Crime Stoppers International.  She served as secretary, vice president and president of the Texas Crime Stoppers Association, and is presently the Crime Stoppers USA, Texas director.  Under her guidance, Laredo I.S.D. Campus Crime Stoppers has won over ninety international and state awards, and is used as a model in the Texas Campus Crime Stoppers manual.  In 2010, Governor Rick Perry appointed her to the Texas Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Advisory Board and she was selected for the federal committee in 2011. She has served as secretary, executive officer, vice president and is currently president of Laredo Crime Stoppers and is the South Texas Liaison/Coordinator for Energy Crime Stoppers-Laredo to Brownsville, Texas.
She has received several awards including the Laredo Crime Stoppers Mary Moore Volunteer of the Year Award, the Texas Campus Coordinator of the Year, and was inducted into the Laredo Commission for Women’s Hall of Fame in 2012 for her role in Crime Stoppers. Retiring from teaching May 2004, she continued as part time district coordinator of the Laredo I.S.D. Campus Crime Stoppers.  She and her husband, Manuel own a business in the oil and gas industry, raise registered Beef Master cattle on their Zapata County ranch, and travel frequently to Sugar Land to visit their son and family.  She received her BA from the University of Texas at with a double major in English and Spanish.

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Judge Richard Carter (ret)

Judge Richard W. Carter (Ret.) is a former judge of the Arlington Municipal Court and is the Director of Legal Services for Crime Stoppers of the United States of America, Inc. (“Crime Stoppers USA” or “CSUSA”)..

He graduated from Texas Tech University’s School of Law and was licensed to practice law in Texas in 1973.   Richard Carter is also admitted to practice in the Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western Districts on the United States District Courts; the United States Courts of Appeals (5th and 8th Circuits); and the Supreme Court of the United States of America.  His post-law school education includes training at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, and the National Judicial College at the University of Nevada at Reno.

Richard Carter is the former County Attorney of Hunt County, Texas (Greenville), and former Police Legal Advisor of the Waco Police Department.  He is a past Chair of the Legal Officers Section of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Municipal Judges Section of the State Bar of Texas.   Richard also served two terms as Chair of the Texas Crime Stoppers Advisory Council in the Criminal Justice Division of the Governor’s Office under Governors White and Clements.

Richard Carter is a former member of the faculty of the Journalism Department of Baylor University, McLennan Community College, and has also taught law enforcement courses at several other colleges and universities.

He has written numerous articles published in law enforcement periodicals, and is the author of several books, including the newly released Lexis Nexis book:   Court Security for Judges, Officers & Other Personnel.

Richard Carter has lectured on law enforcement topics and trained officers, prosecutors, and judges throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in Australia, Bermuda, India, and the United Kingdom.  He has appeared on nationally broadcast television programs as an expert on the protection of the identity of informants from forced disclosure of identity, and court security, and is often quoted in print news on the same topics.     Richard is a co-founder  with Crime Stoppers creator Greg MacAleese of the MCA Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c) (2) charity which sponsors free or cost-based annual training for local, state, and federal law enforcement officials.

In June of 1992, he received a “Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition” for his work in crime prevention.   He is a former member of the board of directors, secretary, general counsel, and executive director of Crime Stoppers International, Inc.   Judge Carter was given the “President’s Award” by Crime Stoppers International in 1988, 2007, and 2015, as well as the Chairman’s Award from Crime Stoppers USA.  Richard Carter is a Life Member of the National Sheriff’s Association, and an Honorary Member of the Waco Police Association.

He recently retired as certified Player Agent with the Major League Baseball Players Association, and played a vital role in the federal investigation and convictions of several persons who were involved in the human trafficking and extortion of Major League Baseball players.

In addition to his work with Crime Stoppers, he also is of counsel to the Houston, Texas law firm of Walker & Byington.

Richard and his family maintain homes in Arlington and Uvalde, Texas, and own the Uvalde Batters Box, Inc., a baseball training facility.

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David Wheeler

Currently David Wheeler is Vice President of Operations for EdgeCore in Orlando Florida. David strategically orchestrates the day-to-day operations of the digital agency. He manages the team and clients to develop programs to make their Internet marketing initiatives successful. With over 30 years experience in media and advertising, David is dedicated to setting high standards for client services and continuing EdgeCore’s distinct national reputation of providing high impact, high value marketing programs with a solid rate of return on investment for its clients. David began his Internet career in 1999, co-founding CareerTV.com, a global Internet and social media company streaming career videos across the web, catering to some of the most sought after employers in the world. David’s work with CareerTV.com has led him to be recognized as an industry pioneer in video-streaming. David’s career footprint spans across all major markets from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Miami and Boston; servicing clients such as Raytheon, General Electric, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Chevron, Ford, Boston Scientific, OSRAM SYLVANIA, L’Oreal, Makers Mark, Fidelity Financial, Disney, Turner Construction, Mayo Clinic, Peace Corps, MetLife, Morgan Stanley, Deutche Bank, Lockheed Martin, Verizon, Samsung, American Express, Tony Roma’s, Better Business Bureau, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Kraft Foods and numerous government agencies, including the FBI. In his spare time, David serves on the board and as chairman of the City of Orlando’s Arts District, promoting economic development through arts and culture initiatives and volunteers his time for various non-profit organizations.

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Greg Rickman

Greg Rickman is a 36 year law enforcement veteran currently working for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Orlando FL. Greg is from the beautiful Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. During his career he has supervised Criminal Investigations, Narcotics and is currrently assigned to the TIPS Squad.While assigned to Criminal Investigations Greg worked in Homicide, Violent Crimes Unit, Property and Economic Crimes Unit. His special investigations assignments included extensive undercover narcotics and vice operatiosn as well as specialized assigments to the US Secret Service Task Force, Dixie Mafia Task Force, RICO Investigations and Human Trafficking investigations. Greg was a membe of Orange County SWAT team for 6 years and the Underwater Search & Recovery Dive Team.

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Lisa Haber

Lisa Haber is currently the Executive Director for Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay, a not for profit organization that works directly with the community, media and law enforcement to help solve crime in Hillsborough and Pasco counties. Lisa is also the President of DanLi Management, Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in P3 Global Intel training for Anderson Software clients and the management of grants funded by the Crime Stoppers Trust Fund for Florida Crime Stoppers programs. In July 2014, Lisa retired from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office after 25 years of service as a law enforcement deputy, during which she served for sixteen years as the Law Enforcement Coordinator and Program Director for Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay. Lisa resides in North Port (Sarasota County), Fl with her husband Dan and their two dogs, Harley and Bernie. Also part of the family is Liberty “Libby”, a 25 year old Warmblood and retired Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Patrol horse, whom Dan and Lisa adopted after her retirement from law enforcement in 2015. Dan, a former member of the Mounted Patrol, rode Libby for the majority of his tenure in the unit. As far as two legged children go, Lisa and Dan have three: two girls ages 24 and 17, and one boy, 14.

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Steve Belford

As an entrepreneur and businessman in Florida for a number of years, Steven serves as President of Pro-Tektor, Inc. With his numerous years of experience in the business arena, Steven has shown great success in building an independent business in the ADC/AIDC industry. Steven was introduced to the world of public messaging thru print media via typesetting and offset printing techniques at a young age. He continued to concentrate along those lines, and has inevitably utilized his skill sets in holding supervisory positions in several different printing companies during his career. He has served as manager of Star Banner, a newspaper printing facility in South Florida, for eight years. In the six years to follow he was Production Supervisor of Continental Plastic Card Company, a rewards/credit card printing company. Steven contributes his 25 years of business successes to five key factors; Dedication, integrity and quality, his knowledge of the industry and a personal commitment to each and every customer.

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Tony DeNicola

As Vice President, Tony DeNicola is the youngest executive member of The Pro-Tektor, Inc. A New Jersey native, Mr. DeNicola moved to Florida in 1989 to pursue a career in website development and information technology. He is the owner of DeNicola LLC, an internet technology company started in 2006, and has served as a lead software developer for Westgate Resorts and Buildtelligence Website Solutions, Inc. Mr. DeNicola is very detail oriented and is very passionate about the projects he takes on. He has a visionary approach allowing him to see multiple paths to a given solution while designing for the end user. With a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit, he has positioned himself as a valuable asset to Pro-Tektor. Outside of Pro-Tektor, Tony does training and teaching engagements on WordPress and website development. He is also the Volunteer Coordinator for The Villages Pride at his son’s school and he is a Third Degree member of the Knights of Columbus. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, reading, going to the beach, and hiking.

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Scott Mills

Scott Mills has been a police officer for 26 years. He has been the Toronto Police Service Social Media Officer working in Corporate Communication since 2010, managing Toronto Police social media corporate accounts. He does social media for success and safety training for police officers and civilian police members, as well as the community and provides support for the Toronto Police operational social media in addition to volunteer work with Crime Stoppers USA and Canadian Crime Stoppers Association assisting with social media. Scott is passionate about mental health and has done several interventions on social media so save and improve lives during crisis situations. Community building through graffiti art projects,  as well as BMX bikes have been a long time interest for community youth engagement. Scott is known on social media as GraffitiBMXCop.

Paul Szych

Lt Paul Szych began his career in the Metro Detroit area prior to joining the Albuquerque Police Department. Upon being promoted to Sergeant he assumed command of APD’s Domestic Violence and Stalking Unit. Over with the years he supervised more than 1,860 high-lethality domestic violence and stalking-related threat mitigation cases, focusing on “predict and prevent” ideology. During those 8 years Lt Szych’s unit experienced zero victim loses through the implementation of the Dynamic Stalking Intervention model which Szych developed. Lt Szych has also supervised detectives in the homicide, robbery, burglary, auto theft, bait car operations and Titile III wiretap multi-jurisdiction major case investigations. Lt Szych has authored two books, “Dynamic Stalking Intervention” and “Stop Him From Killing Them”. Lt Szych currently provides workshops on numerous topics including workplace violence avoidance.

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Karla Baldini

Sergeant Karla Baldini has over 19 years of experience in law enforcement. She currently runs the Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta (CSGA) program in metro Atlanta which operates in partnership with the Atlanta Police Foundation. Sgt Karla is instrumental in the coordination between the police force and the foundation. Sgt Karla started her law enforcement career at the Indiana University Police Department while obtaining her degree. She then went on to work for the Indianapolis Police Department until 2005. Since working for the Atlanta Police Department, she obtained her Senior Instructor certification and still teaches on an adjunct basis. She was promoted in 2012 to the rank of Sergeant and has been overseeing CSGA since 2013. CSGA partners with over 80 other agencies on a daily basis and has approved over $150k in rewards annually.

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James Taliaferro

Jim Taliaferro is a 23 year veteran with the Shreveport Police Department in Shreveport, Louisiana, holding the rank of Sergeant and was formally with the San Diego Police Department for 10 years before moving home to Shreveport.  For the past 7 years, he has served as the Crime Stoppers coordinator for Caddo Parish Crime Stoppers and also serves on the Crime Stoppers USA Board of Directors as the Membership Chair and is the Regional Director for Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.  In recognition of his efforts as a coordinator, Sergeant Taliaferro was recently named Crime Stoppers International Coordinator of the Year 2012.

A former member of the US Navy and Air Force Reserve, he retired as a Master Sergeant with 32 years of combined service and is a member in good standing with many military and civil associations including, but not limited to, Optimist Club, US Air Force Association, Air Force Security Forces Association, Shreveport Police Union, Fraternal Order of Police and many more. He currently is serving on the board of directors as the Media representative for the Caddo/Bossier Domestic Violence Task Force, and Bistineau Paws Puppy Rescue, both 501c3 organizations.

Jim is married to Janet, has one daughter, Sarah Kate (11) and enjoys his time on his 50 acre ranch chasing chickens, riding horses and wrangling dogs, of which he has five.

He attends St. Paul’s Episicopal Church and professes his personal mission statement as, “Living a Christ-like life, enhancing the quality of life for others’.

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