2016 Class Details


Monday’s Class Details

ABC’s – Crime Stoppers M James Taliaferro/Mike Blatman New to Crime Stoppers, this training session is intended to give you the basics. For those of you who have been around for a number of years this session will be a good refresher on the basics.
Knock Knock – Anonymous Drug Tips M Greg Rickman Anonymous drug tips are the number one tip today in Crime Stoppers, 30+ year veteran Greg Rickman will discuss how important anonymous drug tips are in our communities.
Motorola Update – TipSoft M Steve Sebestyen A representative from Motorola will discuss their role with crime prevention, Crime Stoppers and law enforcement.
National SAR – Terrorism Tip Taking M Todd VanCantfort This training session is intended to educate Crime Stopper programs in procedures for taking anonymous tips concerning terrorism.
Anderson Software P3 – Update M Kevin Anderson A representative from Anderson Software will discuss P3 and future plans.
Protektor M Steve/Tony During this session Protektor will provide information on the unique digital kiosks currently offered to law enforcement and Crime Stoppers.
Social Media M Scott Mills/Scott Abrams Attendees will be provided with information on the importance of social media to Crime Stoppers today.
Stalker Behaviors M Paul Szych Author Paul Szych will provide insight into the importance of investigative pressure leading to increased victim safety.
Is Your Program Tax Compliance M Scott Abrams Programs will be provided the top 10 issues facing them concerning tax compliance.

Tuesday’s Class Details

Call Center – Panel Discussion T Mike Shantz and Sheila Moore This panel discussion will involve the two major call centers working with Crime Stoppers today. Discussions will include information on building a great working relationship with the team taking your calls.
Drug Tips – Coordinators T Greg Rickman Seasoned Orange County Florida Sgt Greg Rickman will discuss the challenges of anonymous tip work including updates on how case law can effect drug tips.
Fund Raising – No Excuses T Steve Dubois/Mike Blatman All non-profits must find funding sources to survive. This trainging session is intended to provide programs with new and inventive ways to new fund raising ideas, no excuses learn from those who have success.
Google Grants T David Wheeler Are you familiar with Google Grants for non-profits? This training session is intended to teach attendees how to access and maintain Google Grants.
Grants – Preparing Your Program to Apply for Grants T Kimberly Monstat Preparing your program to apply for grants. This training session will provide attendees with tools for organizing your program to achieve success in applying for grants.
Media Partners T Frank Fisher/Tanner Tixier/Richard Carter An experienced Public Information Officer and journalist panel will discuss building a strong relationship in the community using the media.
Mexican Border Today T Raymundo Del Bosque This training session will provide up to date information concerning the continuing issues facing the Mexican border today.
Motorola – Tipsoft Roundtable T Steve Sebestyen Motorola invites current users of TipSoft to join them in an open roundtable discussion concerning the tip software.
P3 – User Round Table T Lisa Haber Anderson Software invites current users of P3 to join them in an open roundtable discussion concerning the tip software.
Real Time Crime Center T TJ Wilham This training session will provide information on the Real Time Crime Center currently operating within the Albuqueque Police Department. Attendees will get a look at new proactive tool used to assist officers on the street.
Student Crime Stoppers Lesson Plans T Lori Massey/Chris/Estella This student Crime Stopper training session will provide suggestions for implementing and preparing lesson plans for presentations to students.
Terrorism – Crime Stoppers Making a Difference T Jim Fuda This training session will provide background and information concerning the importance Crime Stopper tips can play in the fight against terriorism.
Wearing Two Hats – Coordinators T Steve Dubois/Mike Blatman Seasoned coordinators will discuss the issues many coordinators face wearing to hats when assigned to Crime Stoppers.
Work Place Violence – Active Shooter T Karla Baldini This training session will provide information concerning work place violence and active shooter situations.
Is Your Website Google Ready? T David Wheeler Is your website mobile friendly or Google ready? A significant number of people are accessing your website from a mobile device does your site support this? This training session will discuss the importance of assuring your visitors can see everything on your site.

Wednesday’s Class Details

ABC’s – Coordinators W Steve Dubois/Kevin Bohem Seasoned Crime Stopper coordinators will provide new coordinators with the basic information needed for day to day operations. This will also be a good refresher for those who have been coordinators for some time.
Cash – Paying Tipster Anonymously – Safely W Karla Baldini/James Taliaferro Paying your tipsters safely is an ongoing conversation amongst Crime Stopper programs. This training session will include the does and don’ts of paying your tipster while maintaining their anonymity.
Corporate Partners W Barb Bergin/Karla Baldini Corporate sponsors are important for all non-profits. This training session will provide suggestions and ideas on establishing and maintaining corporate partnerships.
Ethics and Legal Updates – Coordinators W Richard Carter CSUSA Legal Advisor and retired judge Richard Carter will provide the latest legal update for coordinators. This session will also cover ethical issues facing coordinators today.
What is in it for me? Fund Raising W Barb Bergin/Chris Cameron Finding sustainable partners for fund raising, how and why it is important to maintain long term partners for fund raising.
Legal Update W Richard Carter Retired Judge and legal council for CSUSA will provide a legal update concerning Crime Stoppers in the US.
Lending You a Hand – Small Programs W Panel This training session is intended for small  programs to have an open discussion concerning challenges they face in small communities. The training session will focus on over coming those challenges and building trust in the small communities.
Marketing Your Brand W Jerold McGlothlin/Doug Hill Is your program taking all steps necessary to be a recognized brand in your community? This training session will provide tools to assist in branding and marketing your program to your unique community.
Police Survivors Group – W Yolanda Cline 575.355.2385 This session will be lead by Yolanda Cline, the wife of slain Albuquerque police officer Gerald Cline. During the session Mrs. Cline will provide information on the importance of anonymous tips in keeping our law enforcement partners safe today.
Protecting the Tipster W Lisa Haber This training session with provide information on the importance of sanitizing tips and keeping our tipsters safe. Examples will be provided during the training session.
Q&A Veterans W Scott/Estella/Kevin/Mike Experienced Crime Stopper members will field questions from the attendees. Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the expertise of the panel to ask questions your program may have.
Researching Grants that Fit your Program W Kimberly Monstat Grant writer Kimberly Monstat will provide information on researching grants that your program may qualify to apply for. The research information will provide a grant opportunity to potentially discover a source for funding.